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Make Money Source-Differences Types of Campaign in Mobile App Marketing


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Universal App campaign

  • Why use it: Simplify your app install campaign management. Promote your Android app across multiple networks within a single campaign.
  • Bid strategy: Target CPA
  • Where ads can show: Google Play, Google Search Network, YouTube and Google Display Network
  • Ad formats: Provide lines of text, then AdWords does the rest to generate your ads and drive app installs.



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Create a Universal App campaign

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All other app promotion campaigns

Two things were my ways of getting downloads.
# A good UI
# A general purpose app

Requirements for Good Job:

1) Some awesome icon,screenshots

2) Nice Video

3) Make a List of Comments for Review

# A keyword should be 5 times in the description.
# Put the keyword in the name
# Put the keyword in the package name.

Next –

=> Searched for lists of websites which review android apps

=> Sent them a copy pasted message and typing the subject like “Android ‘ApP’ Review”

No one wants to listen about your organization etc etc,but instead tell them a story. Very little about the app,but focus more on how your app looks,believe me,it works.

=> Sending messages to youtubers to review it. Go to their about page and you might find an email ,or you might even find a message button.
This is what i used to do,
Target keywords like “android apps” “android” “technology” “android app review” “best apps”
Search these keywords on youtube and sort the results by channels and open them up and drop a message.

Your message shouldn’t be longer than 4-5 lines.

Example Content to Send Youtuber:

Hi would you be interested in making a review social for my app?
This is my app link
It is a Social Communication,and what’s different about is the UI. It is something which you wouldn’t have seen before.

=> Posting on reddit,forums, qoura etc.Got about 300 downloads from there

=> Targeting good keywords and main source of downloads is ranking within top 10 for the keyword “Social….”

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