Restoring Images & photos: Social media and Online Business


Restoring Images & photos: Social media and Online Business

Social media is very popular today and contributes to successful business in many ways. The variety, processing capacity and popularity of hand held communication devices is changing and affecting us in various ways with each new day. For a while now major smart phone producers Samsung and Apple have been going at it head to head with the new iPhone 6 gaining significant ground. iPhone is to date a favorite despite its steep pricing because of the superior quality display.

How does mobile technology affect your Business?

With each new phone Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, change in a bid to meet the viewers preference. These are the platforms you and I thrive on; we almost always follow suit.
The list of changes compiled in 2014 includes dimensions for everything from Facebook – Instagram:

  • Cover photo – 800X300 pixels
  • Profile Photo – 180X180 pixels
  • Tab Image – 111X74 pixels
  • 1200X1200 pixels
  • 1200X627 pixels

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

For your social media business page, these requirements can be all you need to beat the competition especially if you are a newcomer dealing with younger viewers. They are often more IT savvy – making them quite picky and photo restoration.

This is not forgetting that Google uses page loading speed to determine search engine ranking. If you are working on SEO or planning to in the future your performance must conform to Google’s rules/guidelines.

Which Social Media Platform best suit your business?

Facebook is very popular and much of our business in photo restoration is for business pages on this platform. Twitter and YouTube are also very useful far as building your online business reputation is concerned. The strategy for that is a several pages longer and ever changing.

Facebook would be perfect for business that has you attending events often, its pictorial sharing and posting will ensure you can build hype quite effectively. For some businesses such as those selling antiques etc, photo restoration has to be done constantly to keep your client’s interested. Twitter may not be quite as demanding but quality links will have you carefully selecting your sources.

This is not forgetting that photo restoration services alone can be an avenue to build bonds with competitors in your niche. It is hard to get inbound linking partners when starting out – just restoring an entire directory could land you that much needed post your article or link to your latest product/service news.

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