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Advanced Image Editing Services for Ecommerce

In October last year Alibaba was holding court as the Global retailer sponsoring the first Global Shopping event that surpassed Black Friday sales in the US. For many years, Black Friday discounted sales in the US have been a very serious shopping event with many citizens queuing for hours as major retailers’ clear stock just before the New Year.
This event was hosted in China on a holiday that was originally known as single’s day. In China the event was made a holiday owing to the large number of single people; giving them an opportunity to celebrate their single-dom (hood).

Image editing services and your website

Regardless of what you are doing online images will play a major role in how visitors respond to content on your website. If they are good they stay longer, if the images are very good they click through, if your value proposition is enticing they will order or share.
It is difficult to define good though.

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

High Quality Graphics Design Service-Clipping Path Hut

Design, Career and Color Correction

It varies quite a bit depending on what you seek to achieve. At clippingpathut all our clients receive the same top notch attention. A single image can be remodeled to work for several purposes and we offer advice right from the onset. We realize graphic design can be costly and always try to use templates or graphics that can be adjusted in the future. This gives us good return business and ensures your recurrent budget remains reasonable.

This interesting poster could be a photograph you took in the office while trying to find the best profile picture. This a few edits later can be turned from color to grayscale, smoothened/blurred and turned into a poster for Facebook or Pinterest. With this one image you can keep churning out several variations that work just as well in other marketing efforts as the profile picture in your portfolio.

This is just one of the many services we offer our clients in our efforts to ensure they have the images they require and can save some money.

In addition to providing information on how to use images we also offer a wide range of advanced image editing services including retouching, removal or blemishes or spot cleaning, object removal and much more. Our specialty is retouching involving clipping path services; this is one of those very hard to complete tasks that could very easily or let us say quite often is the reason behind Photoshop fail memes.

For advanced image editing services we offer fast turnaround (24 hours) and unlimited revision to ensure the quality of photos you receive are exactly what you require. It is recommended to use this opportunity to experiment and get a small collection of various graphics you could always use in the future. Clients can also request discounts for bulk orders with our very affordable starting rate of $4.90. Contact us today and join us in realization of our vision to become the number 1 source for quality web graphic production, editing and consultation.

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